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If you run an industrial business, you likely need numerous pieces of specialized equipment that can be difficult to find in a hurry.  Row Electrical Equipment, Inc., stocks a vast inventory of industrial motors, motor starters, transformers, and other electrical equipment that is used in a wide variety of industries.  We try to minimize down-time by having available a variety of equipment that is always important in a "need it now" situation. 


With an average of 4500 electric motors in stock at any given time, we're sure to have what you need.  Our motors range in size from one to 2000 horsepower in A.C., as well as from one to 600 horsepower in D.C.  We also stock hard-to-find motors like design D, slip ring, multi-speed, and vertical pump motors. 


We have a large supply of full voltage, and reduced voltage starters in stock from NEMA size 1 to NEMA size 6, plus medium voltage starters.  We are also capable of building up custom motor control panels for sawmills, portable rock crushers, and other specialized applications.  We have wye-delta starters, electronic soft starters, auto-transformer type reduced voltage starters, and variable frequency drives for all horsepower loads.  We can create a starter to meet your requirements. 


Row Electrical reconditions, and re-sells dry-type indoor and outdoor transformers from 1 KVA to 1000 KVA.  We handle both lighting and power three-phase transformers, plus a variety of single-phase transformers.  Hard to find drive isolation transformers are also available in a variety of sizes. 


Electrical disconnect equipment is always in demand.  We stock fusible and non-fusible disconnects from 30 Amp to 600 Amp, in both 240 volts and 600 volts.  We also typically inventory a variety of circuit breakers, and breaker panels, that can be configured as necessary. 


Row Electrical has supplied rotating single to three-phase power converters, in all sizes, up to 200 horsepower in both 240 volts and 480 volts.   Our converters are priced lower than the competition because we couple a used, reconditioned motor for the rotating portion, along with a new capacitor panel to create the third phase.  We can engineer a phase converter that is sized perfectly for your application.

Call us with your requirements.   Our phase converters come with a two-year warranty. 


Most plants have idle electrical equipment that is surplus to their needs.  Turn your idle motors, motor controls, and transformers into cash!  We have to constantly make purchases to replenish what we sell. 

- A.C. Motors - Reduced Voltage Starters - Circuit Breaker Panels - Phase Converters
- Full Voltage Starters - Wye-Delta Starters - Transformers  - D.C. Motors
- Soft-Starters - Frequency Drives -  Disconnect Switches - Custom Built Motor Controls